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The misadventures of…

It has been a long time since my last post but thought I would drop in to announce I raised a HUGE Ā£467.50 for The Christie hospital in name of my frirnd Jo. I really enjoyed the half marathon and now I know what to expect I’ll do the full 26 miles next year.
Just as a testament to how worthy a cause it was they’ve really helped Jo recently. Last week she had a scan and was told the new drug she was trialling wasnt helping anymore, her disease is progressing and her heart function is decreasing, which woud stop her getting onto further trials. It looked as if there werent any options left and they’ve secured it for her to have Thalidomide treatment. Hopefully she’ll be kicking cancers ass for a while yet!


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So straight back from Cornwall into the madness that is KingsFest. The background to it: my friend Pete has a lot of friends in the neighbouring town Llanidiloes (Llani) one of which owns the pub the Royal Head where every year he hosts KingFest on the last bank holiday weekend in May.Various types of bands and artists play, usually the Friday night warms up with quieter acoustic types and it gets more and more rock/metal/generally LOUD as the weekend goes on.

My original plan to leave Cornwall early to catch the Friday night bands went wrong as could be expected. There was a lot of traffic on the Severn Bridge re-entering Wales so I arrived home an hour later than expected, then it was only Pete and his mates there and most of the bands had played so as I was so tired I took an early night in preparation for the day ahead.

As I am getting on a bit (age 24) I can only really drink heavily one night at a time, the decision was which night? We headed out to the King’s at about 4 (2 hours late) the journey was pretty funny actually. My dad drove us up there and we picked up Pete first – I forgot his tradition of fancy dress and he was dressed as a crocodile, and looking pretty green in the face, he was heavily hungover from the Friday night which ended up being more raucous than anticipated (glad I wasn’t there as the only girl) we then stopped for Amy and made our way, as it was Saturday he traffic was insane so my dad went cia the back roads (lots of twists and undulations) and Pete isn’t a good car traveller at the best of time and we had to stop for him to vomit half way haha.

Once we arrived it was all pretty slow, not much going on music wise so I hit the cider. People had been saying they were saving themselves for the Sunday, I didn’t consciously try to drink slowly, it turned out I was drinking two drinks to Amy’s one and was nicely drunk by 9pm. There was a little bit of drama near the start when Robbie threw his trainer at Pete hitting his pint of Guinness which went all over the crocodile suit and splashed a little on a guy next to Pete. Pete doesn’t deal with situations like that very well, he’s quite an angry guy and threw Robbie’s trainer on a roof nearby whilst he was doing that the man who got splashed made some really harsh comments about him which I didn’t feel were fair because Pete didn’t do anything to prompt Robbie being a dick, it was Robbie’s fault really. Pete’s anger wasn’t helped by Robbie not being quick about replacing the drink…but whilst on the roof retrieving his trainer Robbie found a rusted up samurai sword which was funny, yet scary. Pete eventually simmered down, later apologised to the guy as well who was still an arse!

There were some awesome bands playing that night, really on form (and not just because I was drunk). There were some hot guys that I’d been keeping an eye on all day too, not that I was going to make a move, one ended up being in my favourite band of the night! They’re called Give Chase and are from Telford (approx. 1 hour drive away) they had such energy and everyone was dancing and enjoying it, the next bands which were the headliners really didn’t do that well in comparison which was sad. Hopefully next year Garth might get Give Chase to headline. The one headlining band couldn’t have been that bad though as I did get involved in the mosh pit (in a girly dress and shoes as well!).

We hadn’t been able to book a taxi home so it was good that a friend Sam (also old flame of Amy’s) turned up and was driving! Score! As everything was winding down and he was sober Sam decided to go about midnight. In my hugely drunken state I noticed the hot guy from Give Chase chatting to someone and helping pack up the van…naturally I had to go over and compliment his set and his awesome beard.Following that I said probably the most amusing sentence of my life (well most people laugh when I retell the story) it went like this : “Girlfriend? Sex?!” as you might expect he was quite taken aback by this and didn’t quite believe it (though actually you’d think they groupies). He asked if I was going to the afterparty and I said I didn’t live that close and had to get my ride home so he took my number…I went home feeling happy šŸ™‚

The next day I wasn’t exactly feeling hot, but we still headed off to the festival the troopers that we are. I had some food and hit the cider again, it wasn’t really going well though so I ended up spending as much money on booze as the day before but with no of the effects. The bands weren’t as entertaining either if I’m honest, a guy from schoolĀ  played an acoustic set on his own though that was quite sweet, I didn’t really think he had it in him. There was also a crazy old local man who asked to play one song, that ended up being about the terrible traffic due to the new Tesco that was built, the hospital being closed down and various other issues in the area which was quite funny. I saw a guy I met at KingsFest last year and he managed to get some poor kid to sponsor me for my roller marathon and I hit up a work colleague and therefore the 5 friends he was with and made around Ā£40 in 30 minutes which is pretty good. As mentioned I wasn’t really feeling the alcohol and tried to get a cup of tea and was refused! The guy that served me is the son of a man I work with and he seemed genuinely as surprised and sorry as me, later on they ran out of the cider I was drinking and he apologised for letting me down for the second time that night. Afterwards we went to the afterparty in the club in the town, it was pretty slow andĀ  I wasn’t getting drunk and refused to get more money out, Robbie was going mental thrashing about the dance floor with and inflatable doll and being his usual crazy self, the other guys were all dancing, Pete kept telling me to dance for some reason and one guy did drag me up and it was fun but I wasn’t in the mood. Amy had gone in the toilets after me and still hadn’t come out so Pete was worried and went in and she wanted to leave, which was a bit of a bummer as we always seem to leave early, so I called my sister and we went home. A week later Amy told me the reason she was upset and wanted to go home was because she was already feeling sick and nobody saw but Robbie hit her in the face with the sex doll and spilled water all over her and she cried haha she is an angry crier like me.When I got home I wasn’t sober although the alcohol hadn’t had the effect of the day before, I had a cup of tea before bed during which time I stupidly went on Facebook and sent a message to the barman saying something along the lines of “Despite you letting me down twice on the beverage front and me working with your dad, I would ;)” I felt awful the next day, I really don’t know why I started being so inappropriate, well why I wasn’t censoring it as usual. I think the whole weekend I was pretty hormonal and there were lots of sexy bearded men around on the Saturday and that just set me off for the whole time.

So that pretty much concludes the somewhat uneventful weekend. Overall a bloody good laugh though!

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So to celebrate – which turned to commiserate – my university exam I decided to treat myself and trip down to the lovely land of Cornwall for the delightful Ben Howard gig on Lusty Glaze beach in Newquay.

I know I know stalker ahoy! But no I wasn’t going down to stalk the ass off Tommy. I wanted a little touristy holiday as I have been all work no play lately. I booked a hotel early for the night of the gig and then was going to go with the flow for the rest of the trip. I have been talking to Lee lots and the plan was to stay with him (knowing he is a flake I also bought a tent). I planned to go down Wednesday night for the gig and then travel back home on Saturday morning.

Travelled down Wednesday, left a little late but no surprise there! It was a good drive, quite fun. Arrived in Newquay and it was boiling hot! Smiles all around. Got to my hotel and this was my view

So the gig Wednesday was AMAZING! Well kind of. Basically I had planned to be a social little bean as I was travelling alone (poor and unfun friends) this however didn’t quiteĀ  go to plan. Despite the Cornish folk being quite friendly it’s actually extremely hard to just bust in on groups at gigs. I flitted around, it rained a little and sadly they didn’t play my favourite song šŸ˜¦ which is also ALWAYS a hit at their shows. It got pretty cold and I was not dressed for a beach gig – damn me going for looks over sense.Ā  So I bailed on the afterparty as I was tired and cold – MISSED OPPORTUNITY No.1. apparently it went off at the afterparty and instead I was tucked up in my hotel bed all lonely and cold! DOH!

The next day I had arranged to meet Lee about 11am and go to roller derby training with the Cornwall Roller Girls at 6pm. I was running late – story of my life – I had a little mooch around Newquay town. I had been given a mission to send someone a postcard and you wouldn’t believe how difficult this actually was. I obviously couldn’t go to the shop where Tommy used to work just in case. I looked at shops up the street and no postcards jumped out at me, all rock and printed t-shirts. I tried the Post Office which was the most clinical and depressing one I have ever visited! I had to suck it up and go to the touristy shop next to Tommy’s and grabbed the only nice looking card for a not too bad 35p. I promptly got that in the post and happily ticked it off my list. At this point Lee in his usual manner had not told me where he lived. That way he could ignore me. I knew the name of the village and that was all. I text him saying I was on the way and to tell me which house but to no avail. I then decided enough with this waiting around and went for a little drive.

I went around all sorts of countryside and then decided to visit St Mawes Castle. I was happily driving along then shock of my life when the friendly Sat Nav lady told me in 300 yards catch the ferry. THE FERRY?!?! In typical Cornish style the road I was on only led to the ferry port as well so there really was no other option, next thing I know I’m 4th in the queue to get on a car ferry, and what a rip off. Ā£5 one way or Ā£8 return – naturally I made the most of it and went for the return ticket. I suppose without all the waiting it was an enjoyable experience.

Back on the road to St Mawes. It was pretty overcast and bloody windy but the castle was lovely. They provide you with a lovely free audio tour guide to listen too with hilarious Cornish accents to boot.

I nearly had a heart attack when I saw this chap at the top of some stairs but upon entering I made friends with this old drunk šŸ™‚









After as much slow wondering and snap happy picture-taking as I could muster I wondered down the hill to a lovely picturesque town. The only hotel/cafe I passed was insanely overpriced so I skipped the Cornish Tea but came across the most delightful little beach with crystal clear waters, so I had a shuffle around there and picked some lovely shells and a pretty little stone up. Actually they are still in my glasses case in my glovebox…

With much paranoia about being late I headed back in the Newquay direction for some roller derby action. Also trying to arrange with Lee (who had a ‘nap’) some plans for later on – I basically guilted him into letting me stay as I had nothing else set up and was too lazy to pitch my tent.

Roller derby was pretty damn great! I am surprised I didn’t come away with more bruises though, those girls hit HARD! Their floor surface was quite rough compared to the others I’ve used and when I fell (on my boob of course)Ā  I thought I’d done some serious damage but with no nipple piercing o blood on show it was game on. We did some lap practice to get endurance up for minimum skills (25 laps in 5 minutes) and we did some good hitting and breaking walls drills too. I particularly liked a drill where we had to duck under a pole and the hit someone on the other side as we come back to position – very effective and a firm favourite. I found it refreshing how the coach (Bloody Nora) hit everyone so hard. I was with the more advanced skaters though some still looked pretty freshmeat and they were getting knocked all over the place. The theory being that during a bout the other team won’t go easy on you so we really need to get used to making and taking hard hits. I really drummed this in back home – we play way to nice.

After the tiring session I finally got Lee’s address and headed over – quick food shop in Morrisons (also where Tommy worked – I was on edge the whole time!) first. I was somewhat apprehensive about actually seeing Lee face to face again. It had been over a year really. I know we talk a lot online but really that’s just the same things over and over and nothing really substantial just jokes and innuendo and how are yous. Despite all this it went really well, a little awkward at times but we essentially stayed up chatting and drinking tea til 2am! I was so paranoid about snoring and keeping him awake (I can shake walls when I snore in unfamiliar houses) that I didn’t sleep that well at all and was shattered the next day, I had heard him moving about so was slowly getting ready. When I finally surfaced to grab breakfast he had text me saying he’d gone out but left me a key?! So I was alone in his house (it half occurred to met hat he was in a different room hiding) with his dogs. I had no idea where he’d gone or when he’d be back, after an hour or so I thought I might aswell make a break for it and go find some more sights to see. HUGE PROBLEM. I text him saying I was going to head off, he said he needed to clean and stuff so was gonna send me away for a bit anyway. I tried to unlock the door, can’t do it. It’s a silly door with an upwards moving handle thing. I jiggle and jiggle but nothing. Then the key gets stuck. CRAP! I lift the handle and think I’m on the home stretch when no it happens again and this time no amount of jiggling and turning with the handle in different positions was helping. I felt trapped! (Tommy link here, he used to get trapped by things (e.g. plants) and panic in such a cute way) So I’m now pacing in Lee’s kitchen with 2 dogs going mad wanting to get out and I can’t bloody move the key/handle a centimetre. Lee isn’t texting back, I have no idea what to do. He finally replies when I text I’M TRAPPED LET ME OUT! He returns and can’t open the door from the outside and barely manages it when I let him in the other door. I was so scared I’d broken his door after him letting me stay for free. Cannot believeĀ  I was beaten by a door šŸ˜¦

By this point I was getting kind of miffed with the not having plans and not knowing what to do part of my ‘lets see where I end up’ holiday. I had spoken to my mum on theĀ  phone and thought it might be easier to travel back that night (Friday) so I could be fresh for KingsFest and see her before she went on holiday to Turkey. Lee wanted to clean the house and stuff and wouldn’t be free til 5 – I also thought that the plans to eat and go bowling would probably fall through anyway so I said I’d let him know what was going on and got back in my little car and headed into the sun. My first stop was the Cyder Farm just outside Newquay on the way Truro. My dad’s workmate had bought him cider from there before so I thought I’d go for a look plus it was free! Not much of a tour or farm to be honest but I saw the cider presses and tasted some peculiar flavoured jams.

Before the trip I found some bondage straps that Tommy had left with me and being the nice person I am I thought the good thing to do was return them instead of trashing them. I had been on the fence as to how to do it. A couple of weeks prior to my visit I had sent him a Facebook message (only known way to definitely reach him) and he hadn’t replied. I didn’t want to press the matter as it wasn’t the reason for my trip. In my head as I knew he had a new phone I assumed he had a new phone number and I am really really kicking myself about not texting at the start of my trip. As I hadn’t received a reply I assumed he didn’t want to meet up and hang so I just dropped his straps at reception (I also thought it would be amusing to have them given back to him by his stepdad) afterwards I drove to Bedruthan Steps and Carnewas as this was free šŸ™‚ and BEAUTIFUL!! I loved the background story of it too, the rocks along the beach being the stepping-stones of the giant Bedruthan as a short cut across the bay.

As I was preparing to leave and drive back to Wales I get a message from Lee saying Tommy wanted my number, before I could say fine Tommy texts and he has the same number DOH! We had some nice friendly messages, nothing too heavy of course. He called me stalker but I made it known that I was there for a legitimate holiday. I suggested a quick coffee but as the tourists were descending on Newquay for Run to the Sun tommy’s cop out excuse was that he didn’t want me to get stranded. I said to say yes or no and be straight because I wouldn’t be offended and during these texts I was actually driving further away from Newquay anyway as I half knew his reply. He said it wasn’t worth it for a quick coffee, and on the spot I joked that I could hardly ask to pop by for a service…oops. It wasn’t my desire as such and just a joke. Looking back I wish I had made it more obvious that I was open to stay for more than a quick coffee really but it just wasn’t the way the texts went across. It was more ‘let sleeping dogs lie’ ‘the past is the past, humans are meant to move forward’ from him, he probably thought I wanted more from it. I am kind of glad though because I would’ve had to explain to my mum why I had changed my mind to stay longer again, but it would’ve been good to see him as we are so rarely in the same area, we also could of hung out with Lee and gone bowling but never mind. MISSED OPPORTUNITY No.2. During the exchange of texts he ended a text with “Go home! Safe trip =]” to which I responded “I’ve been driving since you said no knobber” I later felt that was a little harsh and apologised the next day and said I have moved on but pleasantly remember our time together and he said it was fine and that I had nothing to apologise for and that it was fun albeit stressful. I left it there, there was no need to keep texting after that. I now wish I had just said that I said that I could hang out for longer instead of making it sexual, it was a just an impulse thing to do I really need to think before I text!

I really was quite bummed by the downward ending of my little trip but I am glad I took it. I really do love that area of the world though my solo trip makes me realise how hard moving there alone would be. I’m not sure how easy I would find it to make friends and establish a social life if I completely moved area. I’ll have to work on that.

So I was homeward bound with the promise of Kingsfest2011 to look forward to!

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Back again people! WOW I didn’t realise my last posts were at the end of March, madness. To be honest I don’t think there is a great deal with catch up on here.
I’ve been scaling things back somewhat, people are still annoying me and as such aren’t really in my life much at the moment. I haven’t been going out much at all, mainly due to a lack of friends willing to leave the house…however when I have ventured to the local waterholes I have had some pretty awesome nights out, including one where Amy and Pete left really leaving just me and Laura (party animal) behind – the night ended with drunken fumbles with a ginger kid. He is cute as all hell but not really up to the job, though we were very drunk.

I have also been contemplating a switch of teams – I am more and more noticing women who I would gladly invite to me bed. I don’t really think there is a chance of a substantial relationship with a women, I mean I have a serious beard obsession going on and I also like the things a penis can do for a woman. I don’t know if I could stay away from those for too long. However the thought is creeping in more and more, and when I’m drunk I’m a very confident lesbian and convince myself that women want me….awful behaviour. With that in mind I have dropped at most 2 Facebook statuses that let on my attraction to some women and this has been ever so picked up on by an old school mate, it has intrigued her so much that she quizzed a mutual friend about it. I don’t know what to think about this, I am a most curious person myself but I wouldn’t openly quiz people about things. I am unsure of her intentions, I know that she isn’t a lesbian herself, who knows maybe she is having a dabble herself? I just hope that there isn’t more to it, we look strangely similar and it would be like having sex with myself!

Other major events include being and NSO (non-skating official) at a small roller derby bout. I was so nervous anyway and because I am too nice to step up and take the easy roles I ended up with one of the hardest (penalty tracker) – well it was in my mind – however once the bout was actually under way it wasn’t really all that hard the refs were really good and told us all the penalties and I think the girls were playing pretty clean as there wasn’t really that many issues. A good day was had by all!

Also on the derby front I treated myself to some personalised shorts =D

I was also gutted to hear that our first bout as a complete team is going to clash with my mothers 50th birthday celebrations in Liverpool =( however the weekend I’ll be leaving for Leeds there is another smaller bout and closer bout that I’ll hopefully get some action in =)
Big fuck-up occurred as well. I had my dreaded POK2 exam (practical exam) for uni – basically I need to pass this to continue on the course . What did I do? FUCKED IT RIGHT UP! Absolute total fail. The exam encompasses my main fears and downfalls – being watched closely, and public speaking as the tutors fire questions at you whilst watching your every move. I really don’t help myself. I hadn’t done enough preparation, I didn’t do enough practice despite knowing I’d be rusty. Why didn’t I do the re-sit last September when I was more hands on? However the light at the end of the tunnel is that because the university had to enrol me onto this year and charge me for the module again I automatically get a re-sit. The re-sit will be in late August/early September – this means I will have been attending clinic on a daily 9-5 basis from August 1st and will be back in the swing of everything and *should be* at the top of my game.Ā  I really cannot afford to mess this stuff up anymore. I need to get more serious about this. I know I don’t have a calling as such but it is something that does interest me, I enjoy a reasonable amount and will provide me with a stable future. I need to keep my end goals in sight.

So I need to make the rest of my time before returning to university as productive as possible.


  • Revision/practice of all areas of body for university
  • Gym – get this body back on track
  • Marathon training


Body wise I have quit Slimming World for the time being – my weight is at a plateau, I have lost about 7lbs in the 5 months I was there, I just hover around the 12 stone mark and don’t seem to budge so I started resenting going to the meeting and paying Ā£5 to just get angry/disheartened. I am carrying on off my own back and now the exam is out of the way I can get fully into my gym habit once again, also the marathon training will spur this on, I only have until August and I don’t want to put on a poor show.


Well havent I been crap? For weeks now a blog update has been on my to-do list but sadly with my exam looming its been pushed to the backburner. Once next Thursday is over I will be back and better than ever!
We have nights out, drunken fumblings and others nosing into my sexuality to catch up on! To be continued…..

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I have registered to take part in a roller marathon in August!

I will be completing 5 laps around Goodwood Motor Circuit which is just over 12 miles.

A few of the roller derby team are doing it and as soon as I saw you could decide your own charity there was no going back!

My beautfiul friend Jo really wants to get into roller derby but as she has been told she is terminal now she can’t really take part though might get into reffing. She has been treated at the Christie Hospital in Manchester and I would like to raise money for them in her name. My aim is Ā£250 which I think is reasonable as i do have until August to raise it.

I’m very excited but very scared too, loads of training will be needed!

So if anyone can help, even the smallest donations rack up and will be appreciated, please do!

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IĀ figuredĀ I had better start catching up on the old blog beforeĀ I forget what I have been doing, ageing is a bitch!

Thursday arrived and the Wombats gig was nearly in my grasp! I had been excited about it for weeks but when the day arrived I wasn’t jitteringĀ around like a child as expected. I had planned a gym session and shower before going and as usual it was all delayed, mainly because of the fucking kids taking over the gym again :@ butĀ I got there in the end and finally Amy and I set off for Cardiff at 3pm, I expected it to take about 2.5 hours but somehow it took us 3 hours to get there! Cutting it fine for a gig where the doors open at 7.30 =/ matters were made worse by my stupid SatNav system telling us we had reached the destination at the exit to the dual carriageway – we could see the apartment blocks but they were on the other side of a metal fence…4 attempts later we got to the necessary roundabout and finally got in. Just had time for some tea and cakes (lovely macaroons baked by Amy, they’re fashionable don’t you know! =/ )

Got a taxi to the gig as we were too late, and lazy to walk, also the bus would be Ā£1.50 each and taxi Ā£6 between 3 people so it just made sense (man that was a boring point to cover…damn the UK public transport network)

so WOMBATS GIG!!! The first band on were called Team Me (thank you Google) who are apparently Norwegian, I really enjoyed them. They were quirky, there were loads of members and an array of instruments. All the songs were individual and got you tapping your foot, bobbing you head every time. The girl was a bit of a knobheadĀ when it came to dancing but I can forgive that. We moved to the stage for the second band called Morning Parade, I liked them to begin with and they were ok to dance along to all the way through but christ the songs got sameyĀ – maybe it was just that there was only one vocalist and his voice got boring, who knows? A friend’s housemates who went had nothing but praise for them and didn’t see where I was coming from at all – maybe I’m picky? They had a Placebo feel and sound to them. The singer also sweated WAY too much, honestly it wasn’t normal, the rest of the band were happily jumping about out of the lights whilst he copped it allĀ – unlucky. Finally it’s over and we started getting excited, I need the loo and consider holding it but in the end we all took it in turns to go as we wanted to keep our spot – bloody good thing we did as it was a 45 minute wait for the bats!

Bloody good show though, I was fully expecting to go mental and pull out some crazy ass dancing however out position in the crowd didn’t allow such anticsĀ as well asĀ the fact that I had some wanker girl on my back for more than half the gig :@ We were quite near the back to be honest and on the left hand side of the stage, had some tall people ( 2 couples – who displayed WAY too much affection right in our faces) that came and went and then invaded again šŸ˜¦ but the main culprit for brining down my whole gig experience was the idiot girl behind me. I understand that people want to get close at gigs etc but man alive! She was leaning into my back during the support bands and I just stood my ground, if I lay down on the floor I think she would’ve just got on top of me she was that close, during the break she eased a little but the pressure was still there, then once the Wombats started it was in full force again, she either had her hands over my shoulder blades or her entire forearms against my back – I was less than impressed, to the point of being completely fucked off! I hate how there is always one dick that spoils my night. I stayed in my spot, I felt her try to edge around my side to attempt to get in front although there was nowhere to go so i just moved to stop it, she continued with the shoulder games until she gave me a huge shove – that was it. I flung her off my back and turned around to look at her (she was a tiny young blonde thing) and she looked all confused and scared like she didn’t realise what she’d been doing for the last hour and a half!! Being short myself I would’ve felt sorry for her and moved if she hadn’t behaved like an idiot and at the end of the day if you are that desperate to get closer you would try from all areas not just sticking behind me :@

Aside from that daftness the Wombats were awesome, sounded absolutely SPOT ON! Must say up close he is not a looker but his voice was great. The energy was fantastic and there was good banter with the crowd including some horribly pronounced Welsh that no one understood haha. They played an awful lot of new stuff, which is good i na way but it is nice to hear stuff you can sing along to, they balanced it well though singing 2 news ones then old ones. For a cheap gig it was really fun and a great small venue I would definitely recommend seeing them and will see them again whenever I can, even if it is just to dance to Lets Dance to Joy Division at the end of the encore =D

After the gig we headed to town on what we thought would be a raucous St Patrick’s day bender but as we are old now (24) we were bloody knackeredĀ and only ended up having about 3 drinks! Of course I made sure one was a Guinness as I couldn’t miss out on that tradition )although I do drink Guinness all year round) We then hit up the shop for snacks and headed home. Boring or what?! I had a slight fail with my double airbed, as tipsy I didn’t shut one of the caps properly so after 10 minutes me and Amy were sleeping on the hard floor but we were too drunk and tired to bother trying to fix it.

The next day was an EPIC shopping day, we walked to the town centre and arrived about 12 after skipping breakfast to opt for lunch out instead. We headed to a couple of shops first then ate, we did the rounds a few more times and then at about 4.30 we found the most MASSIVE shopping centre, it is new and the entrance is exactly the same as the crappy shopping centre so we are not completely to blame. I bought a bra and a dress but Amy found nothing so she decided we had to return Saturday morning. My poor feet were a mess after Friday let alone more the next day. Friday night it was planned that we would visit Tom’s house (his first step on the property ladder) for a takeaway and film with him and his boyfriend Matt. We didnt’tĀ realise his housemates Kris and Rob would be there too but that was fine. I quickly learned I had a new nickname – JuggasaurusĀ Rex – how clever… Tom then tricked Rob into admitting it was his idea, that was quite amusing as he didn;’t like being bested by Tom. I ate too much (I forgot that I usually share takeaway food with my mum) and we had to watch a little of The Human Centipede (…sigh) and some Comic Relief coverage. Talk about depressing! I was shocked by one fact the flashed onscreen though – 5000 people commit suicide each year – my initial reaction “ThatsĀ not many!” I guess it’s good that not many people are offing themselves but if you think of the millions of people in the UK 5000 a year is a tiny amount. We made an exit after an acceptable length of time…got lost on the way home again surprise surpriseĀ (forgot to mention that Rachael’s directions to Tom’s weren’t quite up to scratch and it took us 30 minutes and a defeated phonecall to him to get there).

We had a more relaxed shopping day Saturday though and Amy bought stuff and so was satisfied. We had originally planned to leave early but with additional shopping, lunch and then a quick (1 hour) trip to IkeaĀ we didn’t get home til 8. I had wanted to head out to the pub (stalking) but was absolutely beat byĀ the time I sat down at home and my feet wouldn’t take much more so I sat down with a cup of tea watching the Big C whilst my mum gave me reflexology – LOVELY.

Next to Leeds – a post for tomorrow…goodnight

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